Computer keeps on rebooting and restart automatically

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I got a new office computer last week. It has been somewhat of a pain for my manager to set up and get it "office ready" such as my MS Office suite, and other software we use. Everything was going fine this week. This morning, I turned the computer on and it keep rebooting over and over again.

Finally, it let me log on, then 5 minutes later, it shut down and rebooted itself over again and again.

What could be the problem?

Thank bros.

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Computer keeps on rebooting and restart automatically


This kind of problem is usually associated with hardware issue. You need to do some serious diagnostic procedures to effectively know the problem with your computer.

Computer virus or spyware are maybe some of the reasons why this is happening to your computer. Faulty power supply is usually the cause of this problem. Dirty or defective cooling fan is another reason why your computer is rebooting spontaneously. When your computer is trying to cool itself when the fan is defective it automatically switches off.

Dust that accumulated in your computer can trap the heat inside which makes it hotter. What you should do is update your anti-spyware immediately and thoroughly scan your computer to see if it has any viruses or spywares when it let you log on.

If you find that your computer is free from spyware then the next step is to clean the fan and make sure that it is running properly. Do not forget to check your power supply. If that doesn’t work then it may be time to call a computer tech to help you with your problem.

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Computer keeps on rebooting and restart automatically


Disable the automatic restart on System Failure.

System Properties> Startup and Recovery Settings> Settings.

This wont solve the restarting problem but at least will give you information of what causing the problem. But if you are not able to reach the desktop screen, its rebooting the system from windows loading screen.

Then it could be some malware that downloaded on your system. You can try booting with the OS disk and selecting to repair the drive. That will get you into the System. From there download malware bytes and some virus software like free avg and scan your system. I don't think its hardware related. Its going to be a software related.

Please mention the window you are using and does screen gets blue before rebooting? If it is Window XP then it is a obvious error and can cure easily by disabling some options.

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