Why my computer slows down?

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Why my computer slows down when I use it for long hours continuously.

My C drive starts showing Low Disk Space and RAM usage is pretty high at those time.

What may be the cause of it?

Is there anyway that i can avoid it?

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Why my computer slows down?



There are many things that can be responsible for slowing down a computer. Before attempting to speeding it up, you will have to find what actually is causing the slow down.
1. Check if there is any background program running. Background programs can take up memory space and slow down the computer, making it unable to run the main programs.
2. Fully uninstall the device drivers and reinstall them. Also, update windows drivers via Windows Update (Control Panel à Windows Update).
3. Defragment your hard drives. You don’t need to do it if you have an SSD.
4. Not enough free space on hard drives is a common cause for system slowdowns. It is recommended to have a minimum of 200 to 500MB of free space on your Windows drive. Delete unused programs and files and run a Disk Cleanup (right click on the drive in Computer, go to Properties, select Disk Cleanup, select the files you want to delete and hit OK).
5. Make sure you have more than 256MB of free system memory. If you play games on your PC, your PC might run out of system memory to run the software smoothly.
6. Leftover files from different programs can cause slowdowns. Manually find and delete leftover files after uninstalling a program.
7. Malware is the most common cause of slowing down a computer. Use an antimalware software to scan your computer for malware.


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Why my computer slows down?


Basically your computer runs very slow because you do not have enough disk space to run your applications and save files on your system Drive. If you keep seeing the Low Disk Space Message for a longer period of time, your hard disk will crash and you will not be able to recover your files. I suggest you delete unnecessary images, videos, files, etc. on your my documents folder and on your desktop to free some space from your drive.

As you use your computer and run programs everyday, your temporary files grow larger. As you browse the internet, your browser saves cookies of all the sites that you have visited. This adds up to your disk usage. To delete these unnecessary files, you can use the excellent cleaner and optimizer tool which is the CCleaner. CCleaner is a free software. You can download it at https://ccleaner.en.softonic.com/. Install CCleaner. Run CCLeaner and press the "Run Cleaner" button. CCleaner will delete the temporary files for you. You can also select to delete the cookies. There are a lot of options for you to choose from.

After you have freed enough space on your Drive C, you will not be receiving the Low Disk Space message again. The speed of your computer is back to normal. If you feel that after a week or a month that your computer is running slow, you can run CCleaner and delete temporary files and cookies.

I hope this helps.

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Why my computer slows down?


Dear Matth Santos,

If you notice that Your computer is slow Its performance is very poor, do not get frustrated, it is time to perform some maintenance in your computer. Here is a list of 7 reasons that can cause a computer to slow down:

  1. Not enough hard disk space
  2. Computer is fragmented
  3. Not enough RAM memory
  4. Spy ware or virus is in the PC
  5. Age of computer
  6. Incompatible Programs
  7. Data corruption

If you have not shut down your PC in a long time, your PC may be slow. When a computer is run for a long time, the processor gets too much hot and starts to loose its processing capacity. when your computer is brand new, it won't show any problem, but when it'll be older it'll be slow gradually.

You asked about Not enough Hard disk space. Now i'll talk about this matter. Lack of space on hard disk can cause the computer to slow down. Disk cleanup can help you to free up some space on your hard drive and improve your computer's performance. 

The best solution of this problem is not to run a computer for a long time. If you have to use your Pc for a long time, reboot your computer for 5 or 10 min.

Best regards,

Bacon Medina

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Why my computer slows down?


I am passing with the same Problem, my Pc is slowing down certainly, even some time it gets shut down.

Thanks a million to "Harry Watson", "Mehkyle" and "Bacon Medina" for your nice solution that seems pretty helpful to me.

Hope the post and solutions will help many others.

Salute guys

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Why my computer slows down?


As i read the solutions i was like ….. WOW !!! I really salute you guys "harry Watson" and "Bacon Medina "

All your  solutions are really nice, really effective and  very helpful to those who have problems in slow computers …

I hope more people will read your solutions from this site to help them not to have a slow computer any more and hope more people will learn it from you guys…..

Thanks a million times …  God bless you all guys … !!! 🙂

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Why my computer slows down?


When I read the question, it seems that it was about my PC as I also face that kind of problem.  I found that my anti-virus was not working properly. Thanks a lot to Mr. Bacon Medina, Mr. Mehkyle, and especially thanks to Mr. Harry Watson, I am very kind full to you all.

– Synthia Alam

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