My Computer is freezing. Why???

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Hi experts

Most of the times my computer Freezes up; also it is not working.
I run my Laptop for Programming, Gaming, Digital Electronic Development, etc.
Configuration is:
The CPU – i7 @ 2.0 GHz, HDD – 2x 7200 RPM 2.5" and RAM – 6GB DDR3 1333.

This problem also occurs on my aunts’ computer.
Configuration of mu aunts’ computer:
CPU – Core 2 Duo, HDD – 500GB (Unknown Speed) 3.5" and RAM – 2GB DDR2.

I am using Windows 7 64bit and my aunt are using Vista. What is the problem? I need a solution. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Error: Computer Freezing

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My Computer is freezing. Why???


Hello there upon reading your problem about your laptop is freezing in random instances there are 3 major reasons about this problem.

1. First of all you should check if there a virus or suspicious program on your laptop that can cause some freezing. back up your files and re install your os. if the problem still occurs, try step 2 and 3

2. If your using your laptop without having some problems and the performance is fast but when you click a program or a game it suddenly freezes, in most cases your graphic chipset attached to your mobo is having a problem.. it over heats that's why it hangs. If your graphic chipset is built in well its not replaceable.

3. If your computer hangs maybe 3 to 5 minutes after you turn it on. You should check if the fan is working and check your laptop if its overheating.. If the fan in your power supply is not spinning it will cause over heat and make your laptop hang.

Hope this solution can help you.. Have a nice day.

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My Computer is freezing. Why???



Freeze computers may cause by several root cause. It maybe overload files or programs in your hard disk, incompatible installed software or virus inspections. To avoid these problems follow the below instructions and reminders:

(1) Make sure you have two or more HDD partitions (drive C for programs and drive D, E for file saving.

(2) Make sure that all installed software are compatible with your OS. Some gaming software must be installed on its compatible platforms or it will hamper your computer processing.

(3) Make it a habit to update virus protection program. Most of the time viruses and worms once your system is infected, destroys/damage your entire system and files.

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My Computer is freezing. Why???


Hello Elsie,

There may be several reasons associated with your computer freezing, and some of them are the following:

  • You may have saved a lot of data on the partition of your computer that hosts the operating system. If that is the case, then make sure the you do the following:

    • First, make sure that your computer has been partitioned. The partition that hosts the OS should not have a lot of information stored on it for that slows the computer and as a result makes it freeze.
    • If you have already partitioned your computer, then transfer some files from the primary partition to other partitions to create some space.
  • The computer might have a virus or malware attack that is causing it to be extremely slow and therefore freeze. You will need to perform a full scan of the computer to check and eliminate any viruses that may be on your computer.



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