How to troubleshoot laptop battery charging problems?

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Hi Experts!

I am having issues on charging my laptop battery. It is too upsetting when I am about to finish a presentation or download huge files then just suddenly stops because my battery runs out of battery. Laptop battery backup is essential for a mobile professional or for on the way e-communication or entertainment. But oftentimes, we may encounter difficulties on our laptop batteries. How can I resolve this? What is the correct way to charge a laptop battery in order to use it for a long period of time?


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How to troubleshoot laptop battery charging problems?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

 Your question is quite interesting because in modern world laptops are becoming so widely used all over the world and people are much curious about why their batteries are being drained so shortly.

This is the main cause of some of our small mistakes we do on daily basis: 

Following are some precautionary measures that are prescribed by most of the batteries manufacturers on this issue

  • Don’t over charge you laptop battery; instead unplug the charging pin when it shows 100% charged.
  • Use the battery until it shows a battery low signal and recharge it again up to 100 before using it again. Instead of using half and recharging again and again. (This has been the basic reason behind the deterioration of laptop batteries)
  • Don’t let charger plugged in after the battery is 100% charged. Just start using it after that. Trust me it will give you the best timing and will be optimized with the passage of time if you continue to do this.
  • Don’t install the batteries that are not designed by your laptop’s manufacturer company or prescribed by your laptop’s manufacturer company.
  • After purchasing a new battery just charge it up to 100% and start using it. When it comes to battery low. Then put it on charging. (Take this as a rule of thumb, more interestingly you might have noticed the same thing with you mobile batteries i.e., if you use them until it shows you battery low and then you charge it up to 100%.
  • It’s a good practice, when you are not using your laptop for more than days, to fully charge your battery and drain it up to its limits, at least once a week.
  • Avoid heat exposures to your battery. If your battery is getting very much hot while in use. Then do eject the battery and you must need to replace it. Normal heating is ok.
  • Do install battery optimizing software for better utilization of battery power and provide better results sometimes these software doubles the backup of a normal health battery.
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How to troubleshoot laptop battery charging problems?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

Laptop batteries have got what is called a 'lifespan', which always becomes lesser as you use it day in day out. There are measures that you can take to ensure that your battery lasts longer. One is unplugging your battery and connecting the charge direct to the source of power to prevent overcharging for overcharging is one reason that will reduce the lifespan of your battery. Another thing to take note about your laptop battery is the number of hours it can last when it is fully charged. This is indicated in the manual that you are given during the time you are purchasing your computer, but it is up to you also to know from whoever is selling you the laptop the number of hours the battery lasts. Some can even last up to 8 hours, while others can last only 2 hours when they are still brand new.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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How to troubleshoot laptop battery charging problems?


Like what Apple recommends to users with laptops running on OS X, they can leave their machines connected to the charger even for a month without disconnecting. But at least once a month, you have to disconnect the laptop from the charger maybe for 24 hours just to allow it to run on battery.

The total lifespan of a laptop’s battery or any other battery depends on how you use your device. The more often you charge, the faster its lifespan will decrease. All rechargeable batteries have limited lifespan and its average lifespan is determined by the cycle count which is then equivalent to charge and discharge.

In a laptop computer, the average lifespan of a Li-Ion battery is about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts around 2 to 3 years. According to Apple, you can allow your laptop to be connected to the charger even when the battery is full. This will not damage the battery. In this state, the laptop will run on AC power instead of battery.

But you need to let your laptop run on battery at least once a month to allow the battery to discharge normally. The idea here is simple. When the battery is charging and it reaches the full charge capacity, there is a mechanism in the laptop’s power supply that will stop the charging and shifts to AC power.

When the laptop is running on AC, the battery will remain at its level without discharging therefore preventing the cycle count from decreasing and prolonging its life.

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