My battery is draining very fast on Galaxy Note 3

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I have a Samsung Note 3 phone that has Android 4.3. I installed battery doctor on it just to monitor my battery performance. It has been working fine for quite some time but recently battery doctor started displaying notifications that my battery is draining very fast. Even after pressing the optimize button on battery doctor, my battery life is still short. Help me solve this issue

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My battery is draining very fast on Galaxy Note 3

 Actually, battery is drained due to the background running apps. Some apps still remain working even we close them, which is the main reason of fast battery drainage. 
Tips and tricks for long lasting battery: 
First, you have to find what apps are using your battery to do this just go to Settings > Battery, it shows a list of apps that use your battery power. The apps or features that use most of your batter will be listed at the top disable these apps. If these are not necessary. 
After this try to lower your screen brightness to do this, open Settings > Display > Brightness lower your brightness.
Also disable Bluetooth, GPS, voice services, Wi-Fi  when you are not using these things.
To easily disable some of these settings, put Android's power widget on your home screen. This widget lets you adjust settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location settings, and screen brightness.
Always use 'power save' mode to decrease the battery usage, mobile will automatically close unnecessary apps running in the back.
Battery Doctor and DU battery saver are the best battery saving apps. 
Yes, they do work. Actually, they close the unnecessary running apps automatically which saves your battery.  
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My battery is draining very fast on Galaxy Note 3


You probably need to check the apps that run in the background. Sometimes when you play a game, when you exit or close the app when you are done playing, the program doesn’t completely exit as what I have experienced with my sister’s Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. There are games that stay and remain running in the background after they are closed.

And if you have many different games and this happens, your device will continue to run those applications even after they are terminated and it is outside your knowledge because you knew you already closed the program. So to make sure apps don’t stay after they are closed, always check the task bar and see the apps currently running.

If you see an app running and you knew you already closed it earlier, terminate the app in the task bar. If there are many unwanted apps running on your device, it adds to the CPU usage and battery consumption. The more applications it runs, the higher the CPU usage and the higher the CPU usage, the higher the power it will eat on your battery.

Also, as with my sister’s phone based on her experiences with her Samsung Smartphone, I think Samsung batteries are known to be less durable. When my sister first bought the phone, the battery that originally comes with the unit lasted for only 1 year. When she replaced the battery, this second battery lasted for only several months.

It didn’t even reach 1 year. In the end, she stopped using the phone since it will only result to buying more and more batteries and it’s useless to care for the battery because you will still end up with a bloated battery even if you charge it properly.

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