Windows application software best recommended for building creativity

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Which Windows application software for phones can best help in training and building the creative ability of children between the ages of five and twelve years of age? I am in-charge of early childhood development for well reputed NGO in Ghana. Would like to have a fair knowledge on the best three application software design for Windows OS. This is so much of importance to me so please help me. Thank you.

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Windows application software best recommended for building creativity


Hello James!

There are several instructional/educational software that we can use to educate and enhance our students’ creativity.

Pixie – is a creativity software to create and share ideas in combining texts, artworks, voice and images. This can be used in Windows, Mac/Apple, Android and IOS platforms.

Curious Worlds- can be also of great use with educating students and enhancing their creative skills. Students can play and explore in different drawing tools and many ways to manipulate audio recordings.

Art Rage – is another mobile application that you can use also in your desktop painting and drawing tool. You can blend different colors and let students see what will be the outcome of combining 2-3 colors or even more. You can let them enjoy also the realistic effects of the brush like you’re really painting.

Windows Movie Maker – is one of the free software bundled with our Windows platform. This gives extensive tools that lets student understand it quickly of any age. Combine music and run transitions with their images to see the effects of combining still/moving images with music.

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