Multiplex operation halted with muxman phase

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Hello experts,

I am getting a new issue with muxman phase which I recently got and I got the following error message.

What actually is this? I want to know the reason of this error so that I may find the solution.

Please suggest me what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.


Multiplex operation halted

Video decoder buffer underflowed 1 times.

Check c:muxman.log for details.

Resulting DVD will probably not play smoothly.

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Multiplex operation halted with muxman phase


I think receiving that error is probably alright. Muxman doesn’t actually have that error or it is not the one that generates that error. The one causing that error is the mplex or the IfoEdit, DVDAuthor. The error means the bitrate of the video when you encoded it was set too high for only a short peak.

And the data that uses the P-STD buffers model reaches after the time when it supposedly sends it to the decoder. It’s like having a slight delay in the process. There is actually no problem even if the output file ended like that. It will still play alright on modern players.

You will only have a problem if it’ll be played on old players. Because modern players have bigger buffers than the model and read ahead. Old players are built in the minimum requirements. You can also try re-encoding it at 5000 kbps -CBR which will probably give you a more desired quality.

Muxman is a DVD authoring and multiplexer tool. The multiplexing engine is the very important component in any DVD authoring system. If you wish to download the latest version, visit Muxman 0.16.8 Pro 1.4.4. It is designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

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