My computer suddenly has a plain blue screen

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Hey guys,

When I start my computer, both in normal and safe mode I get a plain blue screen. Using my windows 7 CD and attempting to restore to a previous configuration both produced the same result as before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My computer suddenly has a plain blue screen


Hi John,

The blue screen can appear for many reasons like hard drive failure, a program you installed has damaged your system files, your processor is overheating, or maybe a malfunctioning driver. But since you could not restore it using the last known working configuration than this problem probably was created earlier than  those restore points or your hard drive just failed or your processor is overheating, in which case you just need to add some thermal paste or change your cooler altogether.

I can not tell you exactly what is wrong since I do not have your PC configuration or what you were doing before it happened or the error code so I can only give a few ideas of what is wrong and give you some suggestions on what to do to fix them. Your hard drive may failed which you can verify by downloading your manufacturers hard drive diagnostic tools and follow the instructions on their manual.

If it says that the hard drive failed to load than you are going to have to buy a new drive. If it works then go to your installation  disk system recovery options and choose startup repair. That worked for my blue screen problems. If everything I have given you fails then you can only try a fresh install of your system.

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