Mouse not working on my USB port

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I have laser mouse – USB port, I haven't use it for 1 week because my mouse doesn't working.

It's really had to use my pc without using the mouse.

I'm not familiar with keyboard shortcuts. I tried to use another mouse, but still not working. I can set my mouse in device manager, because i need to right-click the My computer to do to device manager.

I getting tired of it, I need my pc on my studies. I have to go to the internet shop just to do my home works.

And the bad thing is, it's wasting my money for my internet connection at home.

Please send me the best way to solve my problem guys,


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Mouse not working on my USB port


Hello Caneon,

There a lot of solutions for mouse not working like to update the driver, uninstall & reinstall driver, settings in mouse properties. I have here solutions for you. You can try any of the following solutions. Hope with this will resolve your problem.

> First, I suggest you to uninstall your mouse driver then reinstall it again. You are going to use shortcut keys in all solutions that I am going to give you. So with that, you can easily resolve your problem. Let's proceed now and follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key, -> select My Computer then press (shift + F10) and press G.

  • The Computer Management dialog box will shows up.

Step 2: Select Device Manager tool using the cursor key, -> press Tab key once.

  • Look for the Mice and other pointing devices, -> Select.

Step 3: On the Mice and other pointing devices press (Shift + Left cursor key) to expand.

Step 4: Select mouse driver and press (Shift + F10), -> press U key to Uninstall driver.
-After uninstalling the mouse driver, let's proceed now to reinstall the mouse driver.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press Alt key then press A key to select Action tab.

Step 2: Press P key to Update Driver.

  • The Hardware Update Wizard dialog box will open.

Step 3: Press Tab key to "Yes, this time only", press spacebar to select, -> hit Enter to continue.

Step 4: Then again hit Enter to continue.

  • Wait for a second, it will automatically look for new updates for your driver. Then press Alt+F4 to close the dialog box.

> Second is to enable mouse device. Let's check if your mouse is set on disable or not working properly.

Step 1: Press Windows key, -> Control Panel, -> hit Enter.

Step 2: Use Tab key, -> to select Printers and Other Hardware, -> hit Enter.

Step 3: Again press Tab key to pick the Mouse icon.

  • The Mouse Properties dialog box will shows up.

Step 4: Press Tab key to jump in Tab menu, > select Hardware tab. Then Tab key to select Properties, > hit Enter.

  • The mouse Properties will open.

Step 5: On the General Tab menu look for Device Usage then scroll it down to select "Use this device(enable)".

Step 6: Tab once to select OK, > hit Enter. To close the dialog box, press (Alt + F4).

> Third solution is to check the mouse speed. Maybe it is set in a low speed, that's why it's running too low and sometimes it freeze for a seconds. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key, > select Control Panel, > hit Enter.

Step 2: Press Tab key to pick Printer and Other Hardwares, > hit Enter.

Step 3: Again press Tab key to select Mouse icon and press Enter to open the Mouse Properties dialog box.

Step 4: In the Buttons tab press D key to select Speed arrow. Use cursor key to select 7th point or choose your own setting speed, > hit Enter.

> Fourth is to scan your computer using updated anti-virus. Sometimes mouse is not working because it infected by virus. Because virus can also affect some of the drivers of your system. All you have to do is to scan your system using the updated anti-virus. Make it sure that you are using updated anti-virus.

First thing to do, is to update the anti-virus. Follow these steps:
Step 1: On your desktop press (shift + Right Arrow key) at the same time to select your anti-virus then hit Enter.

Anti-virus dialog box will open.

Step 2: Press Alt key to jump in Tab menu.

Step 3: Then pressing (Alt key + T key) to select Tools tab then select Update.

  • Wait for a seconds to finish the updating.
  • Then let's proceed now to scan your computer.

Follow these steps:
Step 1: Press (Alt key + T key) to select Tab menu then select scan computer.

  • Wait until the scanning done. If there's a virus detected. Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Press (Alt key + S key) to select History tab then select Resident Shield detection.

Step 3: Look for the infected softwares in Object. Then better to remove them.

> Fifth is to remove the infected programs by virus. Removing the infected programs of virus is better to do, because virus has multiple infections.

If you didn't remove the infected it can affect other softwares like applications freezing, difficulty connecting to internet, it change your computer settings and drives problem. So here is the steps of removing the affected program.

Step 1: Press the Windows key, > use arrow key to select Control Panel.

Step 2: Pick Add/Remove Programs by pressing Tab key, > hit Enter.

  • The Add/Remove dialog box will open.

Step 3: Use Arrow down key to select the affected programs.

Step 4: Then Press Tab key to select Change/Remove button, -> hit Enter.

  • The Perform Uninstall will shows up.

Step 5: Hit Enter key to Finish.

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Mouse not working on my USB port


When another mouse also does not work on a given USB port, try another USB port.

If a known working mouse does not work in all your USB ports, then it is quite likely that your USB ports are bad, and you need to replace your motherboard.

You can also try and have your BIOS updated or set to defaults and see if that helps.

Your operating system should have the native drivers capable of handling at least the basic mouse functions. If a USB keyboard works outside of the operating system though (it allows you to go into the BIOS) then most likely the drivers in your operating system for mice or pointing devices is faulty.

Try running a system file checker and have your operating system checked and repaired.

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