Certain application error in Turkish

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A few hours ago my friend called to seek help from me because his machine couldn’t run a certain program. He received this error message, Application error (0x0000153). “This particular application you want to run cannot run well”. Note this message is a translation from Turkish.

DKKeyboardStat.exe – Uygulama Hatasi

Uygulama duzgun olarak basIayamadi (0xc0000l35). Sonlandirmak icin TAMAM dugmesini tiklatin.


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Certain application error in Turkish


That is a possible error resulting from a problem with the registry settings of the application that is responsible for displaying that error message. Has your friend told you what kind of application is causing that error when being executed? I will suggest that you tell your friend to do the following:
He should try using a registry fix program to see if it will solve the problem. Tell him to download ccleaner. He can just search it from Google and download it. He will then install ccleaner and then use it to trace any errors in the registry entries on the system and them 'fix all' of them.
He may otherwise choose to perform a clean installation of the program so as to remove the bugs that may have developed in the application and also get rid of any registry entries.

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