Motorola NVG error NAD 2902 help

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I keep on getting this error: WARNING: Potential Connection Issue (Message ID: NAD-2902). But I am still able to surf. Should I be concerned with this error?

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Motorola NVG error NAD 2902 help


Hi Anonymous!

I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with the NVG showing an AND error.

This is not service affecting so you need not worry. This is a known issue from the provider and they are already checking it out. There’s no ETA though on when this would be fixed.

For the mean time, you can do the following to avoid any pop ups such as these. You may also encounter this again especially if you reset your browser. Just repeat the steps and you’ll do fine.

**press alt + t+ o (it’ll get you to internet options).

You’ll see this screen,

Click on this button.

Choose the one highlighted. And restart your pc.  That should do the trick for the meantime.

Hope I was able to help!

Paul Pinalb

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Motorola NVG error NAD 2902 help



The error that you are getting is a false-positive. It usually occurs when even with dry-line IP DSL that does not need filters. There is a complete for this kind of error just yet, but it is expected that a firmware update with the fix that issue will be rolled out really soon.

But you can still be able to access the VPN as well as check your mails without an issue. That implies that the circuit is still up and unaffected. Investigating the logs I found that the line had not disconnected once. I will suggest that you try the following workaround:
Try setting the Internet Explorer’s caching settings for systems so that they will not be able to check “Automatically” for new pages.
Instead they should check on every start up of Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps.



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