Project contains errors in Android

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Hi! Guys,

I am developing  one Android application.  I have been working with this for months now. This morning, when I was about to run this program a window showed up . I don’t know what the error is. Has anyone encountered this in your project?

Android Launch
You project contains error(s), please fix them before running your application.
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Project contains errors in Android


Solution 1:

You’ll need to view error logs by accessing, Windows menu and viewing error logs. Here you’ll be able to check which errors are available. Remove those, then you’ll be able to have a clean Android APIs.

Solution 2:

The build path may be generating errors. It may be caused by Eclipse (if you are using it). You can also view them by above mentioned procedure, which will be marked as Problems. You’ll have to clean the project and if you have modified the resources, just reload them, it’ll help.



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Project contains errors in Android



Dear Princessma,

I've read about this issue. This usually originates from errors in the build path.

*For eclipse users, there is a view called "Problems" which lists all the errors. Add that view. 
Or else, you can try on cleaning the project, and that basically solves a few problems.
Finally, if you have added or change resources from outside your IDE/ external sources, you might want to reload the resources and clean the project again. 
*And also, this issue can also be caused by an out dated "Debug Certificate" which can be fixed in the following manner. 
Delete the debug certificate under ~/.android/debug.keystore (on Linux & Mac OS);
The directory is something identical to %USERPROFILE%/.android on Windows.
The Eclipse plug in will then generate a new certificate, After you try to build a debug package again. You will need to clean and then build it to generate the certificate.
This is also another method to fix the error "Your project has errors…" and you cannot find any.
Cleaning and rebuilding is still necessary after generation of a new debug certificate.
*Another method to solve this:
Go to window:->show view:->error logs in menu.
The error logs will be displayed if you have any. Try to clean the project and rebuild it.

Hope this will help. 


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