More questions about computer viruses

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Hi, I need someone who can give me more information about computer viruses. What are some of the "hard to fix" virus and how do we deal with them? How does computer virus spread? and what are the latest methods to prevent them?

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More questions about computer viruses


Hi Jazmin, 

To learn all about viruses and how they occur, multiply and infect other computers, you will need to do a lot of reading as the full scope of viruses cannot be discussed in full here.

I will give you a general overview of what viruses are of course. Viruses are malicious and harmful programs that usually either steal information from your computer or cause harm to your computer by deleting system files or changing the registry of your computer.

Viruses are made by intruders that usually have one goal in mind, to gain access to your computer to see if there is anything they can steal. The "hard to fix" viruses are the Trojans or Worms. They are more destructive than viruses.

Now the best defense against these threats are anti-virus software's and firewalls. To have a better understanding about viruses I have listed a number of links that I think might be useful for you.

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