Monitor system processes with System Explorer

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Hello Techyv Guys, I would like to know about where to download System Explorer and would like to more about its installation procedure. How can we Monitor and explore system processes with System Explorer. Please do the needful for providing a detailed reply. Thanks and Regards, Otis Hartwell

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Monitor system processes with System Explorer


Hello Otis,

System Explorer is a very good tool to monitor your PC's processes, network and all applications running on it.

It is completely free, the installer is very simple and can be downloaded in various forms. The basic requirement is you should be running a compatible version of Windows (it can run on Windows 2000, Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7 or Windows 8).

This tool can be downloaded from their website and following distributions are available

  1. Installer Distribution – Once installed, the application registers itself as a service and runs under full feature mode.
  2. Portable Distribution – Does not register itself as a service and only limited features are available.
  3. Windows 2000 Distribution – To be used only if you are running Windows 2000.

I chose to install the Installer Distribution (should be the preferred mode for most users), the setup only involves 4 screens and installation completes very quickly. Below is the screenshot for the fourth screen where it asks few questions –

Install the Installer Distribution

This is how the interface looks like as shown below, the processes tab is similar to Windows task manager's processes tab. More tabs can be added by clicking + sign (shown in red oval)

Windows task manager processes tab

The following is a screenshot of the performance, its provides more detailed view than what is provided by the task manager –

System Explorer Security Check

You can notice an option 'Security Check', which when clicked brings up the dialog as shown above, it runs a series of checks using the their online database.

Hope this response has provided some clarity on this tool and its usage.


Mclean Buono

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