Microsoft Word 2003 textbox customization

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I am using Microsoft Word 2003. This is the screen caption of my document. Notice the “text” inside Image 1 and 2 on how they differ from each other. On Image#1, I am using only one text box and inserted text inside. While on Image #2, I am using one text box for the border line and another text box for my text (content).

My question is, is it possible to come up with the same figure using only one text box in the same output with Image #2?

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Microsoft Word 2003 textbox customization



Microsoft Office 2003 has some limitation like this. I think you are installed a version of Microsoft Office which is not a full version. Full version of Microsoft Windows does not create this type of problem. Try to collect a DVD of Microsoft Office 2003 and install from there because it has full version of Microsoft Office 2003.

Other way is to install Office 2007 or 2011. I know these versions well. They are not similar like 2003 but they will not create this type of problem and also you can use Office 2003 environment here too.

Also you can download it from the internet. Go to this link. Here you will find full version of this software. Download it from here and install it. It will take some price.

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