‘ Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port ’

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I ran into a server having a large problem on modifying as well as creating VM’s.

The matter was exacerbated by the reality that the VM’s was running out of space as well as all were “saved” are offline.

I searched and investigated in lots of places but still I couldn’t make or edit any existing VM’s!

The error message is:

The server encountered an error while configuring network on – Failed to add device ‘Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port’.

I need to solve this. Please help me.

In this case the box was running AVG and by inserting exclusion on the virtual device directory the, since I have heard of same issues with some other AV applications and moreover MS Forefront sometimes causing the similar issues.

Please help.

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‘ Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port ’


Hallo Avah,

The resolution to the error you are getting will be Antivirus exclusions.

Check and see if the box is running the antivirus you have installed on your computer and the try adding an exclusion on the virtual machine directory and see if that will resolve the issue. 

Otherwise try the next workaround:

The problem could also be as a result of a faulty network adapter. Do the following:

  • First, you will need to stop Hyper-V services, for the VM config files could be by Hyper-V.
  • After that you will need to use the notepad to open the config file for the failed virtual machine. This file will be located in the virtual machine directory.
  • You will need to go to the bottom of the file, and then locate the following corruption:

</configuration>ght type="integer">100</weight>

  • Get rid of the part in bold.
  • And the  save the file and restart the Hyper-V Services.
  • Themissing virtual machine should show.
  • After that you will connect to the virtual machine, and then click File/Settings/Network Adapter.
  • Set, and then save.



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