What are the main network devices ?

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What are the main network devices and what are the services of them?

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What are the main network devices ?



There are lots of main network devices and I will give you the most important devices from all of them.

1. Repeater: Repeater uses for regenerate the signals.

2. Hub: Hubs are concentration on connections and may regenerate the signals.

3. Bridge: Bridge convert network data transmission formats as well as performs basic data transmission management.

4. Switch: Switch adds more intelligence to data transfer management.

5. Router: Router provides routing and other services.

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What are the main network devices ?


Hi Peter,

You’re looking for the main Network devices and service they have.

The basic network devices are:

. HUBS is used for connect. 

SWITCHES function of this is like with the hubs, can connect to networks.

ROUTERS can hold one or more networks.

GATEWAY this used for translate data.

MODEMS analog and digital signals can transfer through phones lines.

Types of Network Personal area network

PAN ( Personal Area Network)Printers and scanner are commonly use by this Network.

LAN meansLocal Area Network this is commonly use in schools, office .

Here is some link to give you more details and can may give you some data.



I hope I answer your question. Thank you for reading.

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