Microsoft Power point 2003 original

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In Microsoft Power Point 2003 can we insert images and can we add a blank slide can we save with another format aside from ppt format


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Microsoft Power point 2003 original



To insert pictures on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 you will only need to

·         Click the insert tab in the menu of the word.

·         Select Picture.

·         Then click on From File

·         A window box will open for you to browse you picture from the directory.

·         Then click Insert.

·         The picture will be imported to your presentation for you to resize, rotate, crop or move to your desired location

To add blank Slides to your presentation:

·         Just right click to the slide browser at your right part of you PowerPoint Presentation and select Add Slides.

·         A new slide will appear just below your previous Slides.

·         Or click on Insert then Select New Slides.

·         Or press Ctrl + M.

And finally to save the presentation in other format:

·         Click File.

·         Select save files as:

·         You can then select any supported format that the Microsoft PowerPoint can offer you.

·         Then Save



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