Microsoft Outlook Error Code: 0x80070057

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Hello everybody!

My laptop has an internal schedule of doing a back-up file periodically. Lately, however, I've been working on a project overnight and I had to click "Postpone" a couple of times. Suddenly this error popped up. I don't know if it has something to do with my postponing the back-up a couple of times. What does it mean and what should I do? Thanks for any help.


Microsoft Outlook

An unknown error occurred, error code: 0x80070057.

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Microsoft Outlook Error Code: 0x80070057


This error message 0x80070057 on Microsoft Outlook is caused by faulty email client, it could be the settings issue or the actual software. This only happens if the email client is overused and is conflicting by other webmail that currently in used, like Windows live.

Here is the resolution related to error 0x80070057

Open Microsoft Outlook
Empty Outbox folder and or transfer it to draft
Try to send and receive email
If error persist then a new profile must be created
Delete the current profile and recreate
(Warning: If account is deleted, it will also delete all messages on Microsoft Outlook inbox)

You may Open Internet Explorer
Log-in to webmail and click compose of new message
Send yourself a test email
If your able to send email then the software is malfunctioning
You may contact Microsoft Technical support to check advanced configuration

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Microsoft Outlook Error Code: 0x80070057

When you have a mailbox that is situated on a Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailbox server or you make an attempt to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook 2010 using the auto Account Setup process you end up with an error message. This has troubled many people but luckily Microsoft came up with a solution.
Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a bug that causes the error code: 0x80070057 when you try to import PRF files from previous versions of the same software.
This bug can be fixed by downloading Outlook 2010 hotfix package form Microsoft's support site, the link is given below:
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Microsoft Outlook Error Code: 0x80070057


There are many reasons for occurring this error as well have many techniques to solve this issue. Visit this Techyv page and you will get more techniques to fix this problem.

An unknown error occurred in Microsoft Outlook 2010, error code: …

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