“Cannot Delete Desktop” Error Msg when Emptying Recycle bin

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When I try delete the files on my recycle bin i get a error saying "Cannot delete desktop , the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable"

I can delete them one by one but cant delete them all at once,

is there any way to solve this matter ?

would be a big help,

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“Cannot Delete Desktop” Error Msg when Emptying Recycle bin



Hi Jade,


Your problem was easy as it sound. I suggest restore all the files that in the recycle bin and after that look or find what was you’ve been deleted. Because maybe some important files was deleted in your system that why when you’re trying to empty recycle bin was not working and you got error. Don’t push too hard to empty you recycle bin you worsen you system.

Also you can try this one.

Push the command button” Start”, and click the button “Run” then write in the box “CMD.EXE”

Write this down below and push the button “Enter”

cd /d %systemdrive%
rd /s recycler [if the drive is format as NTFS]
rd /s recycled [if the drive is format as FAT32]


I hope this will work.


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