Merging with CISCO and IEEE Q.6 standards

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I'm working for a network company and it has CISCO devices used in the network. So it has complied with CISCO standards. Now I need to merge with a network which uses IEEE.6 standard. Is it possible? Which standard should I use?  


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Merging with CISCO and IEEE Q.6 standards


This might be not possible but few possible solutions that are possible in this case are.

  1. Choose a neutral access point from the network and install both the standards on it.
  2. It is up to you if you give the CISCO standards as input to it or the external network. It doesn't matter.
  3. Once done, open up the main page by going to
  4. See which IPs is getting assigned to the input address.
  5. Once you know the IP of the input, give the same IP as an input to the output which can be in your case the external network.
  6. If it doesn’t help then you have to contact a network expert for this problem.


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