Do you know about Wi-Fi calling? But I don’t…

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What is Wi-Fi calling? How it works and who’s offering it? What are benefits of Wi-Fi calling? Doesn’t that already exist? Has Wi-Fi got any limitations? Which networks support it best? Does Wi-Fi calling work exactly the same as the mobile network?

Will Wi-Fi calling replace all the phones in the days to come? Please help…

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Do you know about Wi-Fi calling? But I don’t…


Wi-Fi calling:

• Wi-Fi calling is a tool that reduces the network coverage problems. Wi-Fi calling is based on smart Wi-Fi application from kineto wireless which is already loaded in the smart phone, uses Wi-Fi to provide better coverage area. It is not an app that can be downloaded from market place.

How it works:

• Wi-Fi calling works when the smart phone is connected to Wi-Fi. The smart Wi-Fi app runs automatically once the Wi-Fi turned on, if your smart phone is already attached with home/office Wi-Fi. Once it is connected to Wi-Fi an icon will come in the status bar. If you are not sure about the icon please ask to the operator.

• If you can access Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi calling will work. Different operators have different configurations.

• Calls and messages charged as normally like your mobile operators.

How to check:

• It is easy to check whether the app is working or not by making a call or sending a message from one place where already you don’t have coverage for your mobile.


• Of course, we have lots of place with large network coverage area in home and office. But we some place or corner in the home or office has no coverage or little coverage area. In that places if you have a Wi-Fi access, with Wi-Fi calling you will get all mobile services, phone calls and messages without network coverage.

• Wi-Fi calling works exactly the same as the mobile network.

• Wi-Fi calling is supported by EE version of android and windows devices from direct show room or by online from or from their direct telesales team. Android and Windows devices buying from other retailers won’t support Wi-Fi calling.

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Do you know about Wi-Fi calling? But I don’t…


Wi-Fi calling is a way of making calls that uses your Wi-Fi network instead of your carrier’s network connection. It’s like any other phone call that uses regular phone numbers. The only difference is the way you connect your call. Actually, this is not new. Apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp are already doing Wi-Fi calling.

They make it easier to use a phone to place calls as well as send text messages over the internet. Wi-Fi calling is very useful especially when you’re in an area where your carrier has weak coverage. Sprint and T-Mobile were the first major carriers to support Wi-Fi calling. At the moment, Verizon and AT&T have also added the service.

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