Media Composer 3.0 error message

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 Hello everyone,

I’m using Media Composer v.3.0. on my Mac and the last time I tried to create a new project I’ve encountered a problem. The project just wouldn’t open and I got a failure message:

“Avid Media Composer

Couldn’t open project.”

I’m guessing it was never created properly but I would really appreciate it if you’d post more information on how to solve this. Thanks very much.

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Media Composer 3.0 error message


Hello Melissa J,

For sure it is possible that the project was not created properly, or it was created but then stored using the wrong file format that is not supported by the avid media player.

I will advise that you make sure that you are trying to open the file from the location you had saved it. Also check the file format and see it is the right format that will work with the avid media, and if not you will have to recreate it and save it with the right file extension.

You could also try restarting the avid media and see it will work because it may be experiencing a temporary problem that will be fixed by restarting it.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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