The Missing Sync Error in OSX

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Are there applications that will permanently remove installed programs in OSX? I have operate the look for the program that needed to get rid of (PocketMac pro) as well as erased it. But the problem is, please have a look at the image first:



You cannot install Missing Sync for Windows Mobile on this volume. PocketMac has been detected on this computer, and must be completely removed before installing The Missing Sync. See the Read Me for details.

I quickly proceeded to go to the library > applications (I believe this was) as well as eliminated 1 document, which was inside and purged the trash bin. However, this particular new software program I’m attempting to set up known as "Missing Sync" continues to be obtaining upon something left out through pocketmac professional and coming up this particular error information after i attempt to install the Missing Sync.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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The Missing Sync Error in OSX


Though it seems even after uninstall the OS X not able to remove some files permanently and not letting you install the 'Missing Sync' software. Let me tell you about the applications for removing the installed software from Mac OS X.

For many years I have been using Stellar Speed up Mac utility which not only wipes the unnecessary data from it but also helps me run uninstaller. It's kind of a system maintenance utility which removes the software completely from the hard drive. If you run that I am sure the files would be removed from the drive and this error message won't show up.

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