Media Center problem detecting movies

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I have a Windows Media Center, and I wanted to watch movies on it but the problem is that when I browse my movies through it, no movies can be found on the folders where I have those movies.

I have a VLC media player, so I can still watch those movies. However, I just wanted to ask why Windows Media Center can't detect those movies when I browse on it.

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Media Center problem detecting movies



The error occurred when you have invalid video file format, corrupted file, and your media player is not
capable of playing the movie file. These are things to consider why you cannot open a movie file from
your Windows Media Center.

Please see below the details:
1. Windows Media Center
– It is not capable of opening your file movie format
2. Corrupted file
– It may be a cause of virus, interrupted movie file download process or simply the file is corrupted.
3. Movie format
– You may use different media player to watch a video or movie file
4. Windows Media Center codecs not updated
– You must update your video or movie codecs.

In order to resolve this problem, you must may follow the above procedures.


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Media Center problem detecting movies


You will need to check if the issue occurs with shared folders on network, or it occurs on local folders, or it occurs for both of them. You should also check and make sure that in 'folders' the option for the date has been listed, so that you can view the files from the date. It is most likely that the windows media center needs time to detect and query the information about the media files, and therefore the problem here may be that you have multiple folders, and also number of the video files that you have is large, and so  you may need to wait for short while so that the media center can be able to detect all of the files.

In that does not help, then you might need to temporarily disable the antivirus application you are using and the firewall on your computer.

-Clair Charles


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