Matlab code to automatically look up for values in a xls sheets

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I am looking for innovative way of adding the third number to the xls sheet in Matlab. I have multiple xls sheets with three columns filled with numbers. It represents some set and presently I want to run through all the sheets and perform the following: I want to check the third column value with the third column value of previous row, if it is less than the average of previous three. I also have to change the colors of the modified cells? Can anybody share the flow of the code? Are there any easy functions for them?

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Matlab code to automatically look up for values in a xls sheets


I am not a typical MATLAB guy even though I have used it a couple of time during my college days. I will give you some example.

xlsread will help in reading MS excel files

num = xlsread(sourcefile) reads 1st worksheet in the sourcefile.

num = xlsread(sourcefile,sheet) reads the sheet

num = xlsread(sourcefile,xlRange)  reads within the range’A3:C5’

num = xlsread(sourcefile,sheet,xlRange) rads from sheet and range

num = xlsread(sourcefile,sheet,xlRange,'basic')

[num,txt,raw] = xlsread(_)

___ = xlsread(sourcefile,-1)

[num,txt,raw,custom] = xlsread(sourcefile,sheet,xlRange,'',processFcn)

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