Malwarebytes – Error Code 732 (12029,0)

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I currently run Malwarebytes on my computer that operates on XP OS, I however would like to update it  into my system but has not been successful. It returns an error message “Error code” shown below.

What should I do to update it successfully without this error message emerging?

"Error Code 732 (12029,0)"

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Malwarebytes – Error Code 732 (12029,0)


Hello Annie,

You will need to check the following:

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, and if it has been set to work offline. If that is the case, then you will not be able to update Malwarebytes successful. Go to Internet Explorer, and then under File, locate Work Offline and un-tick it. The same applies to Firefox and any other browser that you may be using.
  • Check if you have disabled Firewall as well as Antivirus testing for that too could be the possible cause of the error you are getting. The firewall or Antivirus may be blocking access to the update servers that are connected to site.




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Malwarebytes – Error Code 732 (12029,0)



Hi. If you’re getting an error message on MBAM (Malware Bytes) while trying to update it, there’s a possibility that the software is already corrupted so you may want to try to reinstall it then update it again. Also make sure that you have no other antivirus softwares installed as they may cause conflict with MBAM.

Use the link below to completely delete MBAM from your computer


then reinstall it from here



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