Malfunctioning of Hard Drive (Seagate)

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Guys.. I am using Seagate HD. Whenever I installed Windows, few weeks it starts malfunctioning. My friend told be it might be because of bad sectors. I wanted to remove bad sectors from it. Can anyone help me out.

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Malfunctioning of Hard Drive (Seagate)


To remove bad-sectors of your hard disk, please try the following:

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Right-click on C: drive
  3. Go to Tools
  4. Click on Check Now
  5. Choose Automatically Fix File System Errors
  6. Check the Scan For and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors
  7. Click on Start
  8. Restart your computer once prompted for the utility to start automatically
  9. Wait for the Check Disk to complete (which may take an hour or so, sometimes less)

If the above-steps did not work, you may also download the hard disk bad sector removal tool software from

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Malfunctioning of Hard Drive (Seagate)



Hi there , 

It seems you are having trouble with bad sectors in Seagate . Try these :- 

1. First try with basic checker utility 
Right click your drive and in that you have check disk utility and then check with that.

2. I suggest downloading Tune up utilities latest and using its advanced tools to check the problems.

3. The most advance method is by download in the hirens boot CD and then writing it to a disk and then booting with it and then using its tools to check the drive. This is the Best method I say . Since it doesn't involve the OS.

4. Seagate comes with 5 Years warranty on all products . Hope that isn't over . Sent your Device for getting a quick repair.

5. Download a Low level Formatter and format the Whole HDD.


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