Makes my computer startup very slow,

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Can anyone here help me?

I installed a program recently, and since then, every time I start my computer, that program comes up as well.

This makes my computer startup very slow, its becoming annoying!!

There seems to be no option to stop it from starting.

I do not want to uninstall the program because I need it for work.

Hope someone can help.

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Makes my computer startup very slow,


Hey there mate! I might actually be able to help you. I need you to answer some questions first though…

1. What is your operating system?

2. How much ram do you have install? ( I am asking this because it also might be that you might not have enough memory to run everything on your PC)

3. Was startup quick before the program was installed?

Here is something you might want to try though…

1. Click on start (lower left portion of the screen)

2. On the run field (the text field where you can type), type in the following:  msconfig

3. Press Enter on your keyboard (A window should appear)

4. Click on the startup tab (this will show you the list of programs that will turn itself on when you start your PC)

5. Look for the program you want to stop from automatically starting when your computer starts. and remove the check from the box.

6. When you are satisfied click on "Apply" on the bottom right part, and then click on "OK"

7. It will ask you to restart your machine, do not answer this YET, make sure you put a check on the "don't show this message again" box. If  you do not put a check on the box, this window will keep appearing.

You are now ready to restart your PC, once you are done, let me know if the program has not started at the same time as your PC.

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Makes my computer startup very slow,



You can stop any program from startup with windows without having to uninstall the program just follow the steps:

1. Go to start menu and choose the command ( run) then a small box will be opened

2. Write the word (msconfig) exactly as you see it then press ok

3. Another window will be opened wit title (windows configuration) choose the word startup

4. You will see list of programs each with a small square in the left

5. Choose which program you want to prevent from starting up with windows by removing the mark from the square  in the left

6. After you finish select apply then ok

7. You will have to restart  your computer to save changes you made

8. When windows start up again you will notice how fast your computer became

If you find the way difficult  their is another way to use :

You can use any of the utility programs such as tuneup utility  and you will find a lot of options to make your computer fast. You can erase junk files and manage startup programs and clear history and temp which all will make your computer faster and clean. I hope my solution is satisfying, here are some pictures to help you with your problems


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