Mac OS X 10.4: Error

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After I tried upgrading from Mac OS X 10.3.x to Mac OS X 10.4, I got an error message when trying to connect to a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server.

A Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server includes, servers operating on Microsoft Windows and other operating systems that use Samba for SMB/CIFS services.  If the connection is unsuccessful, the following error message may appear:

The Finder cannot complete the operation because some of the data in smb://…….. could not be read or written. (Error code -36).
After checking the Console (/Applications/Utilities/), it shows an error message:  mount_smbfs: session setup phase failed.
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Mac OS X 10.4: Error


Mac OS X 10.4 error occurs when client is trying to connect to a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server, that only supports plain text passwords. If you do not see the above message in the console, you are not experiencing this issue and should try normal troubleshooting.

Unlike Mac OS X 10.3, the Mac OS X 10.4 SMB/CIFS client by default only supports encrypted passwords. Most modern Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers use encrypted passwords by default, while some Samba servers might have to be reconfigured.

You should consider contacting the owner or system administrator of the Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server, to which you are trying to connect and encourage them to disable plain text passwords and start using encrypted ones. If the server cannot be reconfigured to support encrypted passwords, you can configure Mac OS X 10.4 SMB/CIFS client to send plain text passwords.

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