Is Mac resistive to Virus attack?

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I am using a MAC book from one year almost. All I have heard about is that viruses cannot attack the MAC book. I want to know if it is right or not? If not, what is the best software to get rid of virus attack.


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Is Mac resistive to Virus attack?



What you are saying is kind of true, a Mac is a much better choice in terms of security than a Windows machine, why is that ? Well, think of the people manipulating the password like a business men who try to make the most out of his investment, the investment here is the virus, because the Mac market is much more restricted than the Windows market, and because those manipulators tend to make a virus that can spread widely, so the choice will be to make for Windows based machines rather then mac's. Of course that is not the only reason, thanks to the origin of mac, which is a Unix based OS.

Unix has a very different view of security issues. In fact, program in Unix based systems will do whatever you tell them, and moreover they won't do anything if you don't give them enough permissions so they won't do much of the harm.

For your record, there is indeed a bunch of virus for Mac, but they aren't so dangerous as the windows viruses 

But to make sure everything is okay, use one of the Antivirus software provided in the market for your Mac, and here are some examples :

The Avast Mac edition


And Google the issue, you will find a lot of antivirus, including free ones.


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Is Mac resistive to Virus attack?


Mac computers don't have any Antivirus software. They have this restriction and source code that is not allowed to be open end and used by anybody. Unlike the Windows version, where someone can draw blood to their source code and this is the usual problem with Windows when an open source code is taken in place.

The Mac operating system has their own security software unlike Windows. It's more like a marketing strategy both from Windows and Mac.

Mac computers have this feature that doesn't attack by viruses and this is their marketing style. For Windows, it also has this open source code, prone to virus infection but they have built their own security software that you'll need to be subscribed for you to get a computer protection. This is a marketing style also of their own.

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