Why does Apple make OS upgrade?

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I just installed apples Lion OS x on my MacBook pro, and I dislike it at all. There is  too many bugs and the quality of my isight camera has been horrible since I installed it.

I heard the that Snow Leopard also had it share of problems when it first came out.

How long did it take apple to patch that up?

I hope they fix Lion soon or i may consider downgrading.

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Why does Apple make OS upgrade?


Hi Jughead Mason,

OS upgrades are made to give new features and interfaces to make it easy for them to work on it. Also most of the OS upgrades comes with lots security updates required for patching some bugs and problems that can be exploited by unknown strangers. Overall OS needs to be upgraded fully to function with most latest version of software's and deliver secured platform for its users.

Yes, of course there are problems that occur on some releases at the starting, it is due to some issues or software bugs. But soon there will be patches released in upcoming upgrades.

I suggest despite problems due to some minor bugs, you should upgrade all the available updates provided to you OS. 

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Why does Apple make OS upgrade?


Hello Jughead,

Maybe Apple Lion OS X is not as bad as you may think; it could be just the version that you installed that has issues. You may therefore need to try the following resolutions and see if they might help you fix the bugs you may encountered when using Apple Lion OS X.

  • First of all, you will need to run the OS update to get rid of the outdated files that may be responsible for the bugs that you're getting right now.
  • After that you can try running it and see how it works.
  • If it still has the bugs, you might want to just get another setup that you are sure it's from a trusted source and then install it.




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