Low on Registry Space Error on Creating Virtual Disk

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I'm trying to build a virtual disk using XenConvert 2.4.1, but I always get a "Low on Registry Space" error. I searched on the net for a fix, but the resolution requires me to edit my registry which can cause a serious problem if edited incorrectly.

Is there an alternative way to fix this? I need help please.

Windows – Low On Registry Space

The system has reached the maximum size allowed for the system part of the registry.

Additional storage requests will be ignored.


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Low on Registry Space Error on Creating Virtual Disk



Good day Heath! Your problem with your virtual disk using XenConvert 2.4  getting a "low on registry space error" can be rectified by following steps.: First, you will need to download NREGOPT, click on this link for reference http:/wwwzperiodzlarshedererzperiodzhomepag…/erunt) then run it. This can compress you registry thus, reduces it's size greatly. With this you can still reboot and still have your windows running.
NOTE: If this error message occurs on Windows XP or 2003 Server then this error is caused by a corrupted file. These operating systems does not have a limit on registry space.
WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, this can cause more serious problems that may require you to do a reinstall on your operating system. (Use this troubleshooting step at your own risk since Microsoft cannot guarantee that this can resolve the issue).

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