Lost an entire folder when deleting a virus

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I lost an entire folder when deleting a virus. Is there anyway I can restore it back without the virus?

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Lost an entire folder when deleting a virus


Hey Mitzi!

It’s a common problem for everyone that some time they lost their important files or folder unintentionally. Well there is no need to worry about it. We can fix it in only few steps.

For this purpose make sure you have any data recovery software

Here i will take the example of Ease US data recovery.

1. Download and install Ease US data recovery. (you can Google it)

2. After installing it, launch the program, and click on "complete recovery".

3. Now you have to select the most appropriate option for you for example click the file type you want to search, it will only search that specific file

But i recommend you to select "Search all files automatically".

4. After selecting it you can see the all the drives on your PC/Laptop.

5. Choose one drive from which you want to retrieve all deleted files and click Next.

6. Now Ease US data recover will search for all deleted files from the selected drive.

7. Once searched, it will show you the complete list of deleted files.

8. Here you can see your deleted folder.

Now save your folder.

Note: there are many other software which can recover your files or folder. Every Software has its own way to use.

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Lost an entire folder when deleting a virus



The problem you have faced it is a common problem but the solution is easy.

You just follow the below steps:

1. First you have to Download and install a data recovery. You can download it from Google. You can follow a link
3. Soon after installing the item, start the program, along with select "complete recovery".
3. Currently you should click on the data file variety you need, it will just seek in which particular data file
But I might suggest you to pick out "Search most data automatically".
4. Soon after selecting the item you can observe the all the hard disks with your PC/Laptop.
5. Decide on one particular generate that you need to retrieve most erased data along with click on Upcoming.
6. Currently files recover will search for most erased data through the selected drive.
7. As soon as explored, the item will reveal the total directory erased data.
8. Here you can see your erased folder.

Hope you follow all steps and solve your problem.

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