How can we fix the free anti-virus for server 2008 r2?

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What is actually meant by anti-virus in the servers? How the Anti-virus works on the server and where do we get free anti-virus for server 2008 r2?

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How can we fix the free anti-virus for server 2008 r2?


Anti-virus in servers is generally something which the servers from harmful and malicious software or packets entering into the network. There will be an anti-virus server file in every server which checks the incoming and outgoing packets in the network (Inbound and Outbound) which generally carry’s the data or the information and transmits it through the network.
There will be something called an AV file in the Server directory. Which will open when we open the file or the incoming packets to check the malware or the malicious software.
So, does the file server share its properties and folders with the other clients over the network? Nope, it won’t there are something called as visibility modes. The Files the server file maintains will be in the private mode so that only the administrator can access the files and change the setting and all the other settings.
Every file which comes into the network will and should be every time the server file is executed then the AV enters into action to perform the scan. It’s just like the anti-virus in our systems to protect our systems from the other malicious software’s to enter into our computer. Similar ways the Server File also works.


Generally, The AV which is present in the Server file the most important which is actually doing and performing all the scan’s and all, But Imagine an Intruder(Hacker) Got into the Server somehow and as an admin and try’s to send a virus to extract the details from the server. But all the viruses are in executable format. AV generally doesn’t execute the Exe Files.
So from where do we get this Anti-virus for the Servers?
Don’t worry here’s the link from where you can download the anti-virus for the server.
Note: This Link is exclusively for the server 2008 r2 Antivirus for Server r2

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