Looking for Sybase Express Windows Installer?

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Good Day Guys!

Can anyone please help me? I am looking for Sybase Express Windows Installers. Can you tell me where to find a free Sybase express installer for windows? Have you tried using Sybase before? Can you tell us your experienced as a user? What are its strong features and is there a limitation to the power of Sybase Express? Can you compare it with other strong SQL databases like Oracle, MySQL or MSSQL? An advice from the experts will be very helpful to us.

Thank you in advance for your sharing.


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Looking for Sybase Express Windows Installer?


Hello Alice,

I have used both Oracle and Sybase and this is what I have to say about both:

·         Oracle is quite expensive compared to Sybase. Also support when the system fails takes about 48 hours for oracle while in Sybase, it will take a maximum of 24 hours.

·         Oracle will support most analytic functions (median and lag operations). Sybase does not offer these operations, not yet at least.

·         Oracle is known to support almost all data types. Sybase however will only support int, decimal, char, varchar, Datetime, image and text.

·         Finally, Oracle is more resource demanding; for all the features it has, this isn’t a surprise.

Security wise, Sybase does better, no wonder it is so popular on Wall Street. For its simple syntax, Sybase won it for me.


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