Looking for Delphi shell notify source code

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I need a Delphi shell notify source code or program that would alert me when a file is created and modified and has different types of notifications for different events.  Would DirectorySpy Version 1.7 do the trick?  Suggestions and feedback would highly be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Looking for Delphi shell notify source code



The first comment was about programs. You also asked for the source code so if you want to get useful information about this you can read an article about Monitoring System Shell Changes on the following link: https://www.thoughtco.com/create-windows-explorer-using-delphis-file-1058390.

You can learn about this subject in next articles from the same page related to Delphi Shell Changed Monitoring in the proper way and you can also download full source code. Here you can download the TSHChangeNotify with the code for the supporting Delphi project.

I personally think it's easier for you to use the programs (follow the first solution suggestion) because you will avoid mistakes and it will help you understand the code better. But it you want some more information about the concept you can find it on the link mentioned before.

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Looking for Delphi shell notify source code


Hello, Max

Hope you are fine.

I suggest you to use Directory monitor. This software is capable of meeting your need.

Directory monitor

This software is similar to Microsoft tool. Here you will have more control over what you see.

Tableware offers another program which is also able to work for you.


But I think director monitor will work better for you.


Hope you will get your answer.

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