Shell Scripting

Shell Scripting

I have a shell script that works well in a windows environment and wanted to be able to use it in Linux, How can I achieve this in a windows environment? I need the script to operate some function in windows. Please help me achieve this, and offer an alternatives on how this can be achieved

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How do I pass values to an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file from shell script? I want to pass value to an XML file from shell script so as to replace values in some of the tag, but the results I have been getting is not what I intend. How do I use the replace command in the script? N:B the values to be pass are likely to change?

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I would like someone to enlighten me today by explaining the difference between shell programming and shell scripting. Are these similar or there is a major difference? How do I use shell programming and how do I use shell scripting? Which applications require the use of shell programming and which ones need shell scripting?

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A good day to you TechyV support. I have a question for you today.

Where can I find a software to compare two databases in SQL?

I want to compare them including the schema and be sure that they are identical.

If you can ,please help me with this.

Also when providing me with the software, explain a bit how it works if you can.

Thank you

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Hi friends,

I am a new programmer new to COBOL; I was interested in generating a hashing algorithm in COBOL but I do not have the necessary skills set to make use of a checksum assembler correctly, but I understand that this is the quickest method to use for a simple hash table.

What I need is help in terms of guidelines on how I can achieve this step by step, thanks guys.

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Hi Techyv Guys,

I am fresh to Linux Shell Scripting and would like to improve the scripting capacity through studying by my own. Please do the needful for providing me a few sample professional shell script for testing and understanding the scripts and its working.

Thanks & Regards,

Allen Etthan

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I need a Delphi shell notify source code or program that would alert me when a file is created and modified and has different types of notifications for different events.  Would DirectorySpy Version 1.7 do the trick?  Suggestions and feedback would highly be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hai guyes, 

I'm new to this Autoit programmming , I read somewhere Autoit lan connection function can be use to disable a network card.

It can be used to control the internet usage for some of the people.

How do I do it with Auto it, can kind of coding do I used for a function like this?

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I have been working with the Linux based project, now I have to work with the CD Cover Program I am looking for shell script for a CD cover program which can automatically develop a folder CD cover sample for each CD ?

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Lately I have been building switch networks using Java and Cisco IOS. Would anyone out there know a good extreme switch simulator for getting my business built at a faster pace? I could use a good answer to finish my work! thanks

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