What is the difference between Array and a Bash Shell?

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Please explain in detail what is this SHELL? Can we modify it? If so, how? How does the array differ from a bash shell? How to find the bash array length (number of elements) while at the same time running the script using the shell loop? I am looking forward for your useful explanation and the most reliable information. Thank you.

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What is the difference between Array and a Bash Shell?



Shell is a user interface. Like a command prompt we call it in UNIX like environments as shell.

It can be written, it contains lot of modules and features that can help to user.

Yes you can modify your shell.

I found out an article that explain about how to modify your shell, here is the link


Arrays we sue in programming. Actually array is a bunch of information that arranged in a specific order.

Bash shell is a UNIX shell. It was prewritten thing.

You can find the length of the array.

Here is the link that explains how to do it well.



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