Locating the clipart installed and knowing to add watermark

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I use MS word to create newsletter. Now I have changed my computer with the operating system of Windows XP and MS-Office 2003. I could not locate the clipart installed and also want to know how to add watermark. Can you please help me in solving these problems? 

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Locating the clipart installed and knowing to add watermark


If you are able to see the remaining part of the information that the document had, then it should be ensured that the clip part be part of the document. You have to scroll through all the pages, at that time if you opened the document in ms word 2003it could have shifted and moved to another page.

To add a watermark in word 2003, you have to follow steps provide below:

  1. In ms word menu, click on Format and then Background, and then click Printed Watermark.
  2. You have to either insert a picture as a watermark by clicking on Picture Watermark, and subsequently click the Select Picture option to. From the list of pictures, select which one you wish for, and then click Insert. Or insert a text watermark by clicking on Text Watermark, and then you can either choose or penetrate the text that you want to add as the watermark.
  3. When it is completed then click Apply.
  4. Use print layout view so that you can see the watermark on the page.
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Locating the clipart installed and knowing to add watermark


Click on insert tool after locating the clip art in ms word then you will be able to see easily the clip art tool. After adding together picture watermark on word document at the time of using the Printed Watermark command, you have to follow this easy step.

  • At the beginning you have to open a new word document
  • Second, choose the Format menu, point to Background and click on Printed Watermark command
  • Third is you will then see the Printed Watermark dialog box, click on the Picture Watermark and then click select Picture
  • In Fourth step r you have to browse and select the picture that is needed to you, after selecting your picture, click on insert
  • Fifth step, in the Scale box, click on Auto.
  • Sixth, click on the Washout check box into default settings
  • Last one just click on OK. Then you are ready to go, you will be able to see that the watermark is now available on your document sheet. Good luck and Good bless.


If you try to click to pick the Disable features introduced after check box (click Options on the Tools menu, and then click the Save tab), the Printed Watermark command will not be visible.

If you see the document in Web Layout, the watermark will not be seen.

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