MS Access to MS Excel?

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I have a database for my project that contains list of this is and dissertations.

I am currently using MS Access for my database and I'm using Visual Basic as my programming language.

Using MS Access, can I transport or transfer my MS Access data to MS Excel?

Is there any other way to do this except from copy and pasting it?

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MS Access to MS Excel?


Hi Belle,

There's a lot of ways to transfer MS Access data into MS Excel, not just copy pasting. But those ways or methods need a lot of code to be able to use it. I will give you the easiest way to transfer MS Access to Excel.

It will only take you 10 minutes to do it. The first step is open the database that you want to export from MS Access. 

Select the Table > Report > Form or the query that you want to export by the use of the navigation pane. On the ribbon, you will chose external data tab. And in the export section, just click Excel button. 

Provide the export file name and select the excel format that you would like to use in exporting.


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MS Access to MS Excel?


You can try moving the data out of Access by using Access Macro. Access has built-in Macro actions that allow us to do it easily. First, create a new macro and in the first action box select “TransferSpreadsheet”. There are few options in the lower portion of the window available to you. In the “TransferType”, put in Export. If you are using anything from Excel 97 forward, select the most recent option like “Microsoft Excel 8-10” in the “Spreadsheet Type.”

In “Table Name”, put the query you are exporting. Type a path and file name of the file in “File Name”. If you have headings in your table, put yes in “Has Field Names”. 

And put the specific range within the excel sheet you would like to transfer the data to (example: E33:Q79). Then Save the macro with something like “mcr_XLExport” and run it by double clicking on it. 

Check your drive C and you would have got an Excel file with exactly what was in your query.

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