Locate and remove CMOS battery

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I’m having a serious issue with my CMOS battery since I’m locked out of BIOS via a password. My computer is a Toshiba E45t-B4204 and I have repeatedly tried to contact them only for them not to give me a clear explanation on where the CMOS battery is. I think all computers have this battery. Don’t they? Besides, I need to know how to locate it on this device so that I can unlock my password lock.

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Locate and remove CMOS battery

Hi Abbigailantonia,
The steps to be followed are as below.
1 Power the computer down. Shut the PC down and then switch a rocket style switch from I to O (ON to OFF position)
2 The CMOS battery is accessible from a removable panel at the bottom of the laptop. The case needs to be opened.
3 CMOS battery needs to be removed. The battery is will be present adjacent to the PCI slots, based on motherboard manufacturer. It cab also be slightly hidden by expansion cards or cables. The battery is usually a standard  flat watch battery as shown. 
4 Press and continue to hold the main power button for a duration of 10 to 15 seconds. This does not cause any impact since the computer is still shut down. This will result in discharging any left over power stored in their capacitors. As a result, CMOS battery will get reset.
5 Close your case at the back after re-inserting the CMOS battery.
6 Turn the power supply switch from O (OFF) to I (ON) position.

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