Satellite A215-S7444 Automatically getting hybernate

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My client's Toshiba Satellite A215-S7444, which I am currently working on, supposedly heated up one time and suddenly it just started to hibernate or go to sleep mode without being triggered to do so. The owner had his friend check it out by opening it up and from then the laptop wouldn't power ON anymore.

The battery and plug seems to be working fine as the LED light lights up indicating power. Obviously it's just the laptop itself that isn't working. Upon checking it myself, the wiring seems fine and couldn't determine any problem. Can anybody suggest what else I need to check or look for?

Would greatly appreciate your tips and advise.

Thank you.

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Satellite A215-S7444 Automatically getting hybernate




Since it`s a heating up problem, the solution must be somewhere in the hardware part.
Make sure you check all the wiring, because wires are most sensitive to heat and fire. Maybe the isolation of the wires is burnt, so now they are triggering some kind of a short fuse.
If not the wires, check some of the key parts, like the Motherboard, the RAM-memory and stuff like that.

Since the problem is not software, you should take it to the service where it will be taken care off. In the meantime, complete these simple fixes and you may solve the problem.

I hope this turns out good for you.


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