List of old Sony Ericsson Phones along with features

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I am creating a blog about mobile evolution by taking each brand. Initially I am planning to start with Sony Ericsson. I need a list of old Sony Ericsson Phones along with features. I am having the details of a few, but in order to ensure that not a single model is missed out, I need a fully fledged list. Please help.

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List of old Sony Ericsson Phones along with features



In order to find what you are seeking, I would recommend the GSM Arena website, which maintains the comprehensive list of Sony Ericsson models. Not only does it have information about Sony Ericsson, but also it has resources on all major brands. 

Besides, you can use all sorts of filters there in order to find a reduced and more specific set of phones even within the list for a particular brand also. If you click on any model, you will get a page will quite elaborate details plus a colorful picture.

Here it is. 

Omio is another such resourceful site that will show a list with a label "Old Sony Ericsson Phones".  

While you visit those websites, I suggest you go to the website of Sony, (not Sony Ericsson), which still may hold some records from the old days when their joint venture with Ericsson thrived.

Hope it helps.

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