Clarification on page ranking given by Google

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Hi there everyone,

I have my company business website. When somebody clicks some keywords related to my business my website is on the top list. But I don't understand my page rank is still "0". But sites below my website is showing rank as 1 ,2.. Etc.

My doubt is that how Google is giving ranks on a Google search? What are key Factors they are considering? Can somebody please clarify my doubt regarding this. Some of the comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Again thank you so much in advance.

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Clarification on page ranking given by Google

Google's ranking is based mainly on the numbers of click or visits your site has in a determined period of time.
People's choice of clicking on your site link depends on how useful or important the information looks for everybody when see your site description.
I suggest that you can go to HOWSEARCH WORKS to better understand  the searching process and work with your webmaster to improve thing that can help to get more visits

Hope this helps



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