Looking for suggestions for better gaming experience

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I am having SONY VAIO C series with Windows 7 Ultimate OS.

I am trying to play games on my laptop, but the clarity and the resolution is not very good. I am using AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series, 1024 MB graphics card with 8 GB RAM. Hard disk having more than 300GB free. For a better gaming experience do I need to change the graphics card? First, I thought PCI Express card helps, but when I connected it using USB port and rebooted the system, Windows didn't recognize it.

So, I would like to take suggestions before proceeding further. Thanks!

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Looking for suggestions for better gaming experience

There are other things to consider such as face design of the laptop, its features and accessibility of support; but since you only raised the question of your current hard drive specifications, I will focus on that.
The reason that your gaming experience is not as clear as you would like to experience is provided by the hereunder comments,  showing necessary specifications that you are supposed to have in your laptop and to achieve good experience of game.
1. Graphics card. Mobile graphics cards are integrated into the motherboard; hence, heat builds immediately.  It must have a large amounts of memory dedicated to the game only. This will spare the performance of your RAM and CPU, providing good running system. The AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series is not ideal, for some games you might be playing; hence, my advice is you get a higher version of model such Radeon HD 8000 series.  NVIDIA's GTX modules is also good. A laptop that has a third-generation processor provides an ideal experience  for current games today. As such utilizes quad-core CPUs, which free your system of lag during multitask activity. It prevents overheating while delivering strong performances. The higher the version of the core is the faster the speed of all running applications simultaneously.
2. Space of the hard disk.Space of the hard disk must be greater than or equal to 500GB with a speed of 7,200 rpm. Your available space falls short of this.
3. RAM. The RAM must be at least 8GB since games are large programs. Your RAM is ok.
You did not mention the power supply, but my advice is that you must have at least 600 watts. 

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