“linux jpeg to jpeg small”

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 I need  some help here that i have taken screenshot in Linux in jpg format but now i want to convert it in small size.

Please help me with this.

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“linux jpeg to jpeg small”



Hello there!
Here are some tips to follow on how you could convert your Linux jpg image into smaller jpg image. I have used several codes that I found in the internet and these are one of the simplest one you could use :
  • If this is a huge image file and you need to reduce it in image size then you need a command line tool like the 'convert' code from ImageMagick Package.
Here is the code:
su -c 'yum install ImageMagick'  
  • Then to resize it you can use this code
convert <*.jpeg> -resize <reduce it by how many percent><*_new.jpeg>
convert stars.jpg -resize 50% stars_new.jpg
Your image should be reduced by 50%. Hope this helps!

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