How to install Linux in windows OS

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i want to install RED HAT Linux on my PC already operating by Windows.The actual reason is that the Server is shifting to Linux and database is shifting from SQL to Oracle,That's why i want to install Linux and windows on the same PC,if possible.

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How to install Linux in windows OS


Do you want to dual-boot or do you want to have both Red Hat and Windows accessible at the same time?

Dual-booting means you select which operating system you want to load during boot up. You either run Linux or run Windows but not both at the same time. If you want to both Linux and Windows to be usable at the same time, you will have to install a virtual machine such as VMware or Virtualbox. Think of a virtual machine as another computer within your computer. If you want to use a virtual machine, your machine would have to be sufficiently powerful and have enough memory to run 2 or more operating systems at the same time.

The entire installation process of Red Hat Linux is actually too long and complex to discuss here. To help you get started and to learn everything you want to know about the installation process, here is the Installation Guide from

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