Linux error while trying to extract file

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I am using one tape drive in one unix server.Daily  i used to take backup and weekly also i used to take backup.When I try to restore one of the unix filesystem from one of the media, i am getting error as below “cannot create file: Not a directory write error extracting inode 14765, name ./sfw/sbin/smbd”.Can it be error in server or it may be in the disk?


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Linux error while trying to extract file


We only get this error message when the tape drive is the problem and we will the lost data. Clean up the media and the tape drive. You should be careful if you want to clean up the media and the tape drive, there is a big chances that you will lost all the data.

Media should not be in the write protected mode if yes, then we can't extract the file and data, before putting in the media again, this has to be corrected. You will need to do a right click and go to properties. Go to General tab and uncheck the box on read only functions. This is the cause of the problem, was on full restrictions and can't be re-written.

Possible issue with it also is that the media data are lost, then we can't no longer retrieve those information. Lost data in media tape top amongst the possible problem. Once data is lost in the actual tape drive then you'll never going retrieve it back.

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