Linux administrator interview for 2-3 exp.

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Can anyone put the group of questions for the Linux administrator interview question for 2- 3 exp. I know that can be available from Google but if some Linux expert explain it with answers that will be a great help.
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Linux administrator interview for 2-3 exp.


First thing to keep in mind before conducting interview is that you should keep in mind what is the actual experience of that person. Let's say he has a 2 years’ experience but that is only equal to a full time professional with 6 months experience. This means that the person you are having interview with should be dealt smoothly rather rapidly. So here are a number of mixed questions which will guide you in making a decision of whether to employ that person or not.

Entry level questions:

  • Default windows manager in Linux.
  • Define Login Shell.
  • Define UID.
  • Define seLinux.
  • Define parity bit.


  • Command for showing directory listing.
  • Command for showing few files with top most size in a directory.

Procedural Questions:  

  • How to add new hard disk to unix/linux/linux lvm.
  • De  scribe the method how to disable root login on SSH

Logical Questions:

  • What is the purpose of ntsysv/chkconfig command.
  • Can Linux be able to host two apache servers differently.
  • Difference b/w regular and journal file system.
  • Major difference b/w LILO and Grub.

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